A Diverse Base of Industries & Business Models

Southeast Colorado is home to a diverse range of industries. Energy and manufacturing have a strong presence in the six-county region. Farming and ranching continue to put this region at the forefront of innovative agricultural practices.


The New Energy Frontier

What started out as open plains and ranchlands is rapidly becoming a leading outpost on the new energy frontier. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Southeast Colorado’s wind speed and consistency make it an ideal location for wind farms.

Southeast Colorado is already home to two of the state’s largest wind farms. Lamar Community College is creating a program to train workers for the specialized maintenance required by wind turbines.

Southeast Colorado also produces fossil fuels. Active wells across the region feed oil and natural gas pipelines.

Goods & Parts of All Kinds

Manufacturing still plays an important role in Southeast Colorado. Facilities in the region turn out machine parts, construction materials, storage units, specialty containers, food products and more. Products fabricated and assembled in the area are shipped to stores and businesses around the globe.

Supplying the Nation with Beef, Wheat & Melons

With an extended growing season, Southeast Colorado has long been one of the state’s most productive agricultural regions. The Winter Livestock Auction and the La Junta Livestock Commission make up the second largest market for feeder cattle and calves in the country. The nearly 3,000 farms in the area produce a large portion of the nation’s wheat, as well as sizeable crops of melons, peppers and onions.


Each year, Colorado farms generate more than $7 billion in revenue. Agriculture is big business, and Southeast area farmers and ranchers constantly explore new technology and research developments in pursuit of higher yields.

In addition to more than 5.2 million acres of farm- and ranch land, agriculture-related industry also has a strong presence in the six-county area. This includes seed oil extraction, livestock feed production and even fabrication of construction materials from crop by-products.

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