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The Good Life for You & Your Employees

Workers consistently rank quality of life as their top priority when deciding where to live and work. Business owners recognize the importance of this factor in attracting and retaining top employees.

Not only does the six-county region win praise from newcomers, the area also has a high population of people who have moved away and decided to return. With a calm pace, tight-knit communities, low expenses, and the best of town and country lifestyles, it is no surprise that people choose to come back.

Attractive Lifestyle, Lower Price Tag

Southeast Colorado’s relatively low cost of living puts an attractive lifestyle in easy reach. The income required to cover basic expenses in the six-county area is 16% under the Colorado average, almost 20% less than that of Denver and other nearby metropolitan areas, and one of the lowest nationwide.

Hometown Communities

Neighbors visiting on the front porch, children playing outside from dawn to dusk, open spaces with no traffic jams or high rises in sight, these are the joys people rediscover in Southeast Colorado. Developments across the country have tried to recreate the hometown feel and relaxed way of life found in neighborhoods across the six-county area.

Cost of Living

Residents in Southeast Colorado enjoy a relatively low cost of living and a high quality of life. The affordability of the region puts an attractive, comfortable lifestyle within easy reach. The income required to cover basic expenses in our region is 16% below the Colorado average, 20% below Denver and other nearby metro areas, and is also one of the most affordable nationwide.

Affordable Housing Costs

The majority of Southeast Colorado residents own their homes. This is probably because single family housing prices and property tax rates are among the most reasonable in the country. Buyers can find properties of all sizes and styles, from historic bungalows dating back to the early 1900′s, to contemporary single-level homes and classic farmhouses.

A Skilled Local Workforce

In the six southeast counties, more than 23,000 people work in management, service and blue-collar positions. New businesses have boosted the area’s concentration of specialized energy professionals, in addition to the existing pool of traditional workers in manufacturing, healthcare and agriculture-related industry.

An Enduring Work Ethic

Southeast Colorado business owners consistently comment on the work ethic of their employees, calling it one of the strongest they have encountered. This allows companies to deliver more merchandise, offer a wider range of services, and enjoy larger profit margins.

Cultural Heritage & Creative Spirit

Southeast Colorado invites exploration with a mild climate, extensive wilderness areas, scores of historic sites, cultural attractions and recreation facilities.

Retrace the paths of early settlers along the Santa Fe Trail and within the walls of Bent’s Old Fort. Trek the prairie and canyons that make up Comanche National Grasslands. Or join your neighbors for a community event.

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