Strong in Mind, Body & Spirit

While fresh air and views of the unobstructed horizon encourage a healthy outlook, families and businesses in Southeast Colorado know they can also depend on area schools, hospitals, churches and community organizations to keep them strong in mind, body and spirit.


Education & Skill Building at All Stages of Life

Southeast Colorado offers opportunities to learn and grow at all stages of life. From day care centers and early childhood education programs to grade schools, high schools, colleges, libraries and senior centers, communities in the six-county area provide a wide range of programs designed to build skills and expand minds.

Higher Education Facilities

Otero Junior College (OJC) and Lamar Community College (LCC) grant associate degrees and specialized certificates, giving students the option to continue their education at four-year institutions across the state. The two colleges offer a wide range of academic, career-based and technical programs, both on campus and online.

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Otero Junior College – Founded in 1941, Otero Junior College in La Junta has the distinction of 97% of its students either finding employment upon graduation, or being accepted to 4-year colleges and universities. In addition to these impressive qualities and benefits, the college sponsors many student organizations, concerts, plays and has active and successful athletic programs.

Lamar Community College – In 2008, Lamar Community College received a $2 million US Department of Higher Education Title III Strengthening Institutions grant to create new programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to focus on Secondary Math and Science Education and Sports & Fitness Management; Construction Technology; and Renewable Energy Technology.

Impressive Student-Teacher Ratios & Graduation Rates

Southeast Colorado public schools have an enviable 11:1 student-teacher ratio, significantly better than the 16:1 national average. The area’s high school graduation rate is nearly 11% higher than the national average.

Staying Healthy

To stay healthy, Southeast Colorado residents turn to the experienced doctors, nurses and technicians at area hospitals and medical centers. Facilities are available for acute, emergency and respite care, as well as long-term care, hospice services and assisted living.

The region has a variety of fitness centers offering zumba, aerobics, yoga, massage, and more.

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