Keeping Existing Businesses Healthy & Strong

Keeping existing businesses healthy and strong is essential to Southeast Colorado’s economic vitality. While newcomers make a positive impact on the economy, companies already based in the area typically account for 75-80% of all new jobs created.

SEBREA and its partners value the investment these existing businesses have already made in the community. Our strong partnerships help repay that investment with timely assistance designed to increase profitability, improve operational efficiency and cut through red tape.

Confidential Interviews Focusing on Your Business Needs


SEBREA, working hand-in-hand with local economic development organizations, conducts confidential interviews with individual business owners to identify business needs and regional issues. SEBREA partners then work with each company to provide timely solutions and resources to strengthen the business.

Participating businesses benefit from:

  • A personal relationship with a local advocate for business success
  • Expert & confidential input on business issues
  • Increased access to resources, programs & incentives
  • Identification of partnership opportunities

The confidential interviews provide a 360° examination of strengths and weaknesses; growth opportunities; local and regional trends; industry standards; technology and marketing resources; and community services. Through this process, SEBREA has uncovered regionwide needs for additional support, leading to the establishment of new workforce development, small business assistance and community college programs. The accurate, documented data compiled in these interviews is also used by policy makers and economic development organizations to champion the region and its businesses.

SEBREA has already interviewed hundreds of area business owners. The benefits companies have uncovered include savings in recruitment costs, additional tax incentives, and speedy resolution of permitting issues.

Identifying Regional Issues

Identification of regional issues makes it possible to develop more targeted resources and programs. SEBREA and local economic development experts analyze interview responses, then work together to help companies meet individual business goals and formulate new regional initiatives. The confidentiality of information collected in these interviews is always closely protected.

In addition, the results provide critical information to assist policy makers and economic development organizations accurately document trends and advocate on behalf of the entire business community. This service provided by SEBREA helps identify and address problems early on, to keep the local economy growing.

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