Target Industry Development

The right mix of businesses can create a self-sustaining economic base.

SEBREA helps communities in Southeast Colorado identify those industries that best fit area resources. Together with economic development partners and business leaders, SEBREA provides home-grow companies with a leg up and assistance in expanding, while working to attract new operations to the region.


The Growing New Energy Frontier

Southeast Colorado’s strong and consistent wind, along with the efforts of SEBREA and economic development organizations, has helped designate the area as a leading outpost on the new energy frontier. Two of the state’s largest wind farms are already based in the region, and SEBREA and its partners are actively pursuing additional renewable energy enterprises.

Manufacturing Headquarters

Southeast Colorado facilities ship machine parts, construction materials, storage units, specialty containers, food products and more to stores and businesses around the globe. SEBREA‘s economic development partners see potential for even more manufacturing concerns to establish headquarters in the region.

A Diverse Industry Base

Southeast Colorado is already home to a diverse range of industries. From traditional production-line fabrication facilities, to e-commerce-based on-demand fulfillment centers, and highly-specialized service providers, area commerce feeds a variety of consumer and business markets. The region’s deep roots in farming and ranching continue to put it at the forefront of innovative agricultural practices.

SEBREA and its partners understand how varied businesses contribute to a healthy economy. We are dedicated to building on Southeast Colorado’s existing base of core industries, even while cultivating relationships with new types of businesses.

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