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Hemp Adds Jobs in La Junta

Hemp Industry Brings Jobs to Rural Community

On Tuesday April 21st, Whole Hemp Company announced that it is going to expand its operation to La Junta, Colorado where it will be converting an empty building into a grow center and processing / production facility. “This building has been empty for twelve years and having Whole Hemp Company repurpose it is a great step towards revitalizing the community,” said Mayor Lynn Horner. Otero County Commissioner Jim Baldwin added, “We are looking forward to having the Whole Hemp Company in Otero County. They will be bringing jobs, using our farm land, and potentially bringing other businesses.”

After the announcement, Kashif Shan, CEO of Whole Hemp Company, said “Whole Hemp Company is really excited to be in La Junta and have been overwhelmed by the support that the local community has already given.” The Whole Hemp Company plans to hire thirty to forty people within the first couple of weeks with aspirations to hire one hundred to two hundred employees total over the next twelve to twenty four months. Jobs will primarily be focused in the grow operations.

Hemp is regulated by the Colorado Department of Agriculture and should not be confused with marijuana.  Both plants share the genus Cannabis Sativa but hemp does not have the same intoxicating psychoactive properties as marijuana. In fact, hemp has long been used for paper, rope, and oils. The Whole Hemp Company will be extracting the Cannabidiol (CBD) oil from the plants that it will then sell directly to supplement and nutraceutical companies. Currently, these supplement and nutraceutical companies are importing hemp oil from China and Eastern Europe.

“As an economic developer, I am always looking for ways to improve the multiplier (number of times money circulates in the economy) and if we follow the value chain, the hemp industry has the potential to greatly increase the economic outlook for the Arkansas Valley. La Junta and the surrounding communities are receiving direct jobs from Whole Hemp Company, farmers are going to gain revenue from outdoor grow operations. Additional companies will follow Whole Hemp Company to extract the oils and refine the byproducts into other raw materials. It is possible we will see additional manufacturers locate here in La Junta to be closer to their raw material sources. And then there are the indirect jobs that will come from all of these extra people having paychecks”, explained Ryan Stevens, Director of La Junta Economic Development.

Whole Hemp Company is a Colorado Limited Liability Company that is committed to producing CBD oil that is 100% U.S. grown and processed and 100% caustic solvent free.  For more information visit

La Junta Economic Development is committed to expanding the employment base in La Junta, Colorado by attracting new businesses and retaining & expanding existing businesses.   For more information on La Junta Economic Development, please visit

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