Giving Entrepreneurs a Leg Up

Entrepreneurs help communities grow from within. SEBREA gives entrepreneurs a leg up, connecting them with the knowledge and resources needed to launch new businesses.

SEBREA engages experts to provide both express and in-depth training in getting a new business off the ground.

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Providing the Tools to Launch a Business

A partnership between SEBREA, Lamar Community College and the Wal-Mart Foundation has established an entrepreneurship program to help business owners further their professional development. Initial workshops explore how to minimize risk, learn from mentors, create a business plan, and address legal issues.

Entrepreneurship programs at both area colleges provide a detailed look at what is involved in establishing a business. Occasionally, SEBREA provides scholarships for aspiring local entrepreneurs to participate in seminars explaining what it takes to launch a viable business.

Teaching Communities to Nurture New Business

Fledgling businesses have a much greater survival rate when they receive community support. SEBREA funds opportunities for Southeast Colorado communities to learn more about nurturing and supporting entrepreneurial ventures.

Click here to request information on upcoming entrepreneurship programs in the region.

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